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Museum of Mountain Ecology and History of Nature Use
in the Ukrainian Carpathians



About technology

And some information about the quality of 3D-panoramas:

The 3D-panoramas are a basis of virtual tour.
Shooting of the photo series for future 3D-panoramas defines its quality.
Both objective and subjective reasons influence on the quality

The objective reasons are the following:

  • quality of a lens (technical characteristics)
  • position of a nodal point
  • shooting conditions (movable objects, contrast ofspace, the time of day, light sources with a various color temperature, the placement of the light sources, reflective surfaces, time limit)

The subjective reasons are the following:

  • the attitude of the photographer to shooting and further processing of  the photos.

Sometimes mentioned above objective reasons are not to the good of the photographer during the shooting, but it shouldn't be an obstacle for a qualitative 3D - panorama.

Information about  a detailing of 3D-panoramas:

The 3D-panorama is built from an equal-space [equidistant] projection of the sphere. Such projection corresponds the photo with ratios of the parties 2 to 1. Future volume and quality (specification) of 3D-panoramas depend on the size of this photo.
It can be added a musical illustration, a video and a text, the URL link, the interactive scheme of the room (space), a logo of the client to the 3D-panorama. The individual design of the virtual tour is called the AUTHORING. All wishes of the client are taken into account in the AUTHORING. The cost of the virtual tour or 3D-panoramas is determined by the complexity of the AUTHORING.
You do not need to install any additional programs to demonstrate the virtual tours and 3D-panoramas; it is enough to have the Internet browser, for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Presentation files of virtual tours can be recorded to the digital carriers and can be shown by means of Flash player, HTML5 player or Quick Time player.

The Advantages of the virtual tours:

  • Saving of time (both for those, who represent a tour, and for the potential client)
  • A client can have a look at an object at any moment (twenty-four-hour accessibility on the Internet)
  • It is  comfortable, when the preliminary survey of the objects is impossible (for example, in the tourist sphere or to involve the foreign investors)
  • Attraction of a great number of potential clients due to its staginess
  • Low-pressure advertising
  • The virtual tours attest about the modern and professional approaches of the company

The usual video or a number of photos are pale in comparison with the interactivity of virtual tours. The presence effect and the opportunity to operate the process of tour create an impression that you are in center of this place.

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