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Museum of Mountain Ecology and History of Nature Use
in the Ukrainian Carpathians



«The tongue can conceal the truth,
but the eyes never!»
Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours

3D-panoramas (spherical) and virtual tours are a modern and effective form of presentation of space. 3D-panorama is a picture that captures all space atour on 3600 horizontally and 1800 vertically.
The 3D-panoramas can be connected with each other with the help of interactive points, thus, virtual tour is created. It is enough to move a mouse or a controller, which is plug in the virtual tour, to travel on the virtual tour.
The creation of the virtual tours is a progressive technology which begins to develop. More and more successful companies, which save their time and take care of the development of their business, use this innovation technique in advertising. However, 3D-panoramas are a huge potential, not only in the commercial spheres, but also in the cultural and educational.

The scope of 3D-panoramas and virtual tours is very wide:

  • Real estate agencies, construction firms and realtor companies
  • Sanatoria, recreation centers and rest homes, health and fitness centers, Spa salons
  • Restaurants, hotels
  • Shops, business centers
  • Fitness clubs, sport centers
  • Medical, educational, entertaining centers
  • Travel business
  • Historical and cultural sights
  • Museums, exhibitions, expocenters
  • Auto shows and cars, yacht-clubs
  • Landscapes

And many other things …

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